Bristol City FC

I am completely sports mad and love watching pretty much anything that relates to sport. My passion for football is probably the strongest but I can literally sit in front of Sky Sports and find something that will have me engrossed in seconds.

For nearly twenty years I have been a huge Bristol City fan and this love for my home town club has seen me travel hundreds of miles a month to watch them play. I also follow Gloucester Cricket club and through the summer when its close season of football my attention turns to them.

Following sport is not the cheapest hobby you will find but the highs and the lows are difficult to beat and the buzz I get from it makes it money well spent. I try to make a little back from this by backing my hunches with the bookies and hopefully I seem to win more than I lose which is a bonus.

Sport takes up a lot of my free time and even some of my work time but best leave that there! In the week I work as a postman and have to say I do love my job and have been doing it for a great many years now. It can be hard when its raining of freezing cold but I have been doing it for so long now I don’t really notice anymore. I love being out and about and the early starts are a bonus for me as I am very much an early riser anyway.

Unfortunately with working unsociable hours and my hunger to go to every match I have little time for love and am a hopeless singleton with no desire to be anything else. My mum I am sure would love me to settle down and have kids but its just not on the agenda at the moment and fortunately for me my Brother has delivered the Grandchildren and so she has been less on my case about it.

Come back soon of more of my ramblings.


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