I won two engraved plaques at awards

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My plaques are for best goal and most valuable player
Oh what a night as local postman scoops two engraved plaques for his outstanding performances season 2014-2015. The recent big awards night proved to be my best year yet for the football team I try to play for every week on a Sunday. Getting up early on my day off has few rewards especially when its cold and wet and we are playing in some god forsaken hovel. Cold showers stinking changing rooms and a bog of a pitch would put many even hardy football fanatics off but I love it and have finally got some additional rewards for my efforts.

My two engraved plaques are off the back of hard work

Last season was a decent one for us we finished mid table and had an amazing cup run getting to the final against all the odds. I had probably my best season to date after getting myself properly fit before the season started and making the extra effort to go to training religiously.
I even have been eating properly and not partaking in too much lager much to the amusement of some of the less dedicated of our team. The rewards though have paid off, I feel better for it and I am in the best shape of my life at the moment. There is still room for improvement but I am well on course for good things an think this is now a permanent lifestyle change rather that another fad.

Great night ad the engraved plaques bonus

I did have a blow out on the big night and the diet and less drinking regime was firmly parked to one side especially when my name was called for the best goal of the season award. To say it was a screamer is not exaggeration although was it a pass or shot I will leave up to the boys imagination. I picked up the ball from a corner ran about 20 yards and saw their keeper well off his line so just smashed it goalwards. The ball looped and dropped just before the line bouncing straight in to a mixed reception. Many ran over in amazement and adulation and the other half of the team fell about laughing at me.
At the pub afterwards I did get almighty stick from everyone they renamed my Lucky **** for the whole afternoon and although I protested hard that it was a stroke of pure genius not many believed me.
As the night reached the climax and the most valuable player I have to admit I was already hammered and when they called out my name I didn’t twig for ages. As I did realise my shirt went over my head and I ran around a bit getting showered with lager and laughter until I finally reached the stage and my second gong of the evening.
Next morning was triple harsh and I had the worse hangover I can remember made slightly better only by the blurred sight of my two plaques glistening in the morning sunlight! http://www.stonesign.com

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